Maintenance request

For maintenance requests related to the apartment block’s shared amenities please contact the owners corporation, the contact details are usually located at the main entrance of the apartment block.

If you have any general maintenance issues with the property you are leasing, then please fill out the form below first. To enable us to quickly respond to your request, Please include as much detail as possible including any relevant photos.

In the case of an urgent maintenance request please contact us on 0449 200 773 or 0407 016 968 first, and then complete the below form.

Maintenance Request Form

Here at Simple Property Services, we want all of our tenants to live in safety and comfort therefore we make it our business to deal with urgent matters as soon as they arise. Naturally, if you are in danger or the property is under threat, please call emergency services immediately on 000.

Notice to vacate

If your lease is coming to an end and you would not like to renew, you will need to download and complete the yellow sections of the below form,

Please note: You are required to give at least 28 days’ notice.

Notice to landlord of rented premises

If you would like to discuss breaking your lease, i.e. ending your lease prior to the fixed-term tenancy agreement, please fill out the below form:

Name *
Acknowledgement *

Final inspection checklist

Use the below form, which includes a cleaning checklist, to ensure you have all bases covered when your lease comes to an end.

Final inspection checklist