We know how to select the best tenants and keep them happy. And of course happy tenants are more likely to stay and renew their lease, ensuring you receive a reliable income stream and maximise the return on your investment property.

Our process is comprehensive and your property will be in safe hands – from the initial appraisal to the final exchange of keys.

Experience is everything, and our Property Managers know how to market your rental property to appeal to the highest quality applicants and screen hundreds of potential tenants, carrying out a comprehensive range of checks to ensure only the most reliable tenants with the best histories are selected.

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Routine Inspections

We protect your property by conducting thorough inspections every six months and send you an update of the overall condition.



Our Property Managers are equipped with professional compact DSLR cameras with an extra wide lens to make your property beautiful.



We will list your property on Realestate.com as a Premiere Property listing. A Premiere Property is the ultimate advertising option to get your property seen first by more tenants at the top of all search results. Online advertising is crucial as 78% of tenants head straight to realestate.com.au to look for their new home. And realestate.com.au has Australia’s biggest property audience with 5.8m monthly visitors. Premiere Properties stand out at the top of search results to help you find the best tenant quicker.


Payment of Outgoings

We can pay all property outgoings from collected rent on your behalf for expenses such as:

  • Insurance
  • Body Corporate fees
  • Council rates
  • Water rates

Property Maintenance

Keeping your property in excellent condition is critical in attracting and retaining good tenants ensuring your investment is maintained and your return remains high. Should a tenant have a maintenance issue, they will have someone to talk to right away and we will deal with the process from start to finish.

Our mobile app will provide live updates on any new or existing maintenance requests, with a description of the issue, photos (if needed) and an assessment of the urgency as rated by the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. Maintenance requests are sent out via our app to our network of certified tradespeople (all with an extensive history of reliability and trustworthiness), who will quote on the job in real time to ensure that we secure the best possible price and that jobs are completed in a timely manner.

As a Landlord, you can relax, knowing we will always negotiate the best price for all maintenance jobs. You can easily access all quotes and invoices for your property that are stored on our system via the mobile app.



In the event that a dispute needs to be resolved via VCAT, we will guide you through the process and advise on any third party fees payable such as VCAT application fees.


Rental Arrears

Although we thoroughly screen all potential tenants to the highest possible standard, we believe it is critical to have an arrears process in the unlikely event that your tenant is behind on their rent.

To help avoid unpleasant confrontations, we act as a buffer between you and the tenant. Our Property Managers will help deal with problems such as late payments through to damaged property on your behalf.

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